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1 year ago
One-Fifth of Open-Source Serverless Apps Have Critical Vulnerabilities

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According to PureSec's audit, most vulnerabilities and weaknesses were caused by human error.

1 year ago
Retail sector top cyber attack target

Security is a must in today’s world of technology. With GDPR and continuous malicious threats Tech Alliance can ensure you have confidence in your business data security. Give us a call today to ... See more

The retail sector was the top cyber attack target in 2017, as cyber attacks evolved to become more organised and structured, a report reveals.

1 year ago
Business unaware of scale of cyber threat

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Many businesses, especially board members, do not understand the scale of the cyber threat, but international efforts to combat cyber crime are being hampered by political barriers.

1 year ago
UK Mobile Workers Exposed to Public Wi-Fi Risks

Ensure network connections to your business are safe and trusted.

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UK Mobile Workers Exposed to Public Wi-Fi Risks. VPN use still patchy, says iPass

1 year ago
GDPR Spurs 700% Increase in Data Protection Vacancies

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GDPR Spurs 700% Increase in Data Protection Vacancies. Privacy regulation will land in two months’ time

1 year ago

1 year ago
Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Deadlines are looming for businesses to ensure they are GDPR compliant - 25th of May.

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The Guide to the GDPR explains the provisions of the GDPR to help organisations comply with its requirements. It is for those who have day-to-day responsibility for data protection.

1 year ago
Tech Alliance


Get free quotes from Tech Alliance and companies like them! Whatever you're looking for, Bark will find and contact the best service providers for you in your local area.

1 year ago
Corbital Ltd - Tech Alliance

Excited to release our latest website for our client Corbital Ltd.

A Credit Management and Debt Recovery firm based in Worcestershire.


New business releasing a multiple portal web service for Credit Control and Debt Recovery services Home Related

1 year ago

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